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A real advantage of the WIZE® wired tester is brought by the unique design of the multiplexer. Indeed, this one makes it possible to obtain a double mass path also called  "guard switchable".

This switchable guard provides the following advantages :

  • full compliance with the aeronautical and railway test standards (RC.AERO 542-10, 542-45, 543-20, 543-35 and EN 2283),
  • the test configuration is never modified because all the points are systematically brought back to a potential,
  • measurement of actual capacity of a cable,
  • reliability of high voltage measurements,
  • possibilities to mix cards of different voltages to reduce system costs (eg: 500V card with 2500V card).


Modularity of measuring elements

All the electronic boards that make up the WIZE® wired tester can be mixed together without any configuration limit ! This provideswize fabrique en france a test system that brings maximum coverage to validate your equipment. In addition, our design department is dedicated to the development of new measurement cards in order to better match your test needs. This modularity allows an extremely simplified maintenance. Troubleshooting is done by simply replacing the faulty card in the rack.


Modularite of configurations

In order for the WIZE® wired tester to fully integrate into its operating environment, GET Electronique offers a multitude of configurations :

  • Embedded racks : dedicated for configurations with many test points, these allow the interconnection on the front face with the elements to be tested.
  • In boxes and cases : ideal for configurations with limited number of points, these configurations are easily transportable.
  • Spécifics : Fully defined based on the needs expressed by the customer and the future operating environment of the system.


Connection modularity

Our wiring testers can be configured with all standard commercial connectors (Subd, ZIF, etc). The interface between the multiplexing cards is carried out inside the system. Therefore, the system is fully compatible with the existing developed straps and tools or with the equipment to be tested.


WIZE® is a registered trademark of SPHEREA Test & Services

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